Workers’ Compensation Is Often Not Enough

If you have practiced personal injury and workers’ compensation law for any length of time, you know that workers’ compensation benefits often do not fully compensate severely injured people for their damages. In addition, our workers’ compensation system typically immunizes from punishment those businesses which recklessly break safety rules at the expense of their own employees. Our system is much better than the sweatshops which existed 100 years ago. However, it still falls short in handling the cases involving the most serious injuries or most dangerous work places.

A few days ago, Pennsylvania attorney Max Kennerly of the Beasley Firm wrote an excellent commentary on this topic. While workers’ compensation laws are different in each state, they share many common aspects. His commentary has a lot of application to Alabama as well. Alabama’s compensation laws also limit benefits in ways that often prevent injured workers from being fully compensated for their injuries. Through the years, I have had many discussions with clients about these issues. It is very important that an injured individual seek legal advice from an experienced attorney in their state who can provide guidance concerning these important and often complex issues. The attorney should fully understand Alabama’s complex system of workers’ compensation benefits.  The attorney should also be experienced in handling other personal injury litigation as there may be a party separate from the employer that may be at fault and owe damages for the injury.  With that said, Max has written a good commentary about the issues impacting workers in many states.

When Workers’ Compensation Isn’t Enough After A Wrongful Death

His commentary is well worth a read.



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