The Prevention Of Falls Is Essential To Construction Site Safety

Too often construction workers are placed at dangerous heights without adequate safety protections. Falls on construction sites are a major cause of work-related deaths and personal injuries.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s official blog recently published a post discussing fall prevention with some simple, excellent advice. The blog advises to:

  1. Plan ahead for safety
  2. Provide the right safety equipment
  3. Train everyone to use safety equipment

That’s good advice. Yet, it’s ignored far too often. I once tried a fall case to a jury where the company produced several thousand pages of documents related to the construction project – but only 2 of those pages were dedicated to the site safety plan. And, incredibly those 2 pages did not even address the equipment being used by the company to place workers at heights. On that project, keeping things moving and getting paid were more important than worker safety. As a result, a worker fell from a significant height and suffered a severe personal injury that left him totally disabled.

As the blog post states, falls are “the deadliest hazard in the construction industry.” Yet, they are also easily preventable. A failure to follow the advice to plan for safety, provide for safety, and train for safety, is not acceptable when lives are at risk.



2 Responses to The Prevention Of Falls Is Essential To Construction Site Safety

  1. Kayla says:

    That is the new OSHA logo. Plan, Prepare and Train are all helpful when a employer is trying to keep his employees safe from harm. Falls have been a huge uprising problem in our society, but the safety equipment keeps getting safer. So, how is falling becoming a bigger issue? It is becoming a bigger issue because the employers don’t want to pay for all of the equipment, training, and time. I work for a manufacturing company in Houson, Texas and we manufacture fall protection and fall prevention equipment. An employer could save more money if they prevent accidents from happening vs. spending money on legal fees, workers’ compensation, and not to mention they are blackening their name for future employees or customers. Safety should be the company’s number one concern. It only takes three simple steps: plan, prepare, and train.

    Thank you for writing this blog!

  2. AlabamaInjuredWorker says:


    Thanks for the comment. You are correct that safety should be the number one concern on a job site. Many of the deaths and catastrophic personal injuries on construction sites would have been prevented by the simple steps of plan, prepare, and train. If companies follow those steps, they will provide the right equipment, plan for its use, and teach their workers to use it properly. It really does not take much time. Yet, some companies are unwilling to slow production at all.

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