Returning To Work After Injury – Remember These Tips

Yesterday, I read a great article from attorney Roger Moore which discussed the workers’ compensation issues involved in returning to work after an injury. Roger is a workers’ compensation attorney in another state. However, his advice is very helpful in Alabama as well.

I really cannot add anything to his advice. Issues related to an employee’s efforts to return to work can be very stressful to the employee and his/her family. After a severe injury, the most important issues are getting the medical treatment you need and returning to work. However, the insurance carriers are often motivated by something very different – the desire to cut costs. The motivation to cut costs can leave you still injured. It can leave you without needed medical care. And, it can cause you to go back to work before you are truly able to do the job physically or safely. Roger’s advice is very helpful to any worker dealing with our workers’ compensation system:


Returning to Work Shouldn’t Be This Hard


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